Monthly Archive: August 2013

Japan Snippet – Japan Airlines LAX to Narita

My journey from Kingston Jamaica to Tokyo Japan took me to New York and Los Angeles. Before even arriving in Japan the LAX to Narita leg was memorable because of my Japan Airlines flight. Hearing native Japanese being spoken and getting my first taste of...


College Adventure Continues – Hello 2nd Year

Calculus Worksheet

This going to college thing is quite the adventure, a very difficult and frustrating adventure at times but an adventure non-the-less with lots of life lessons to learn from along the way. Over the past few months I have celebrated completing my first year of...


Anime Nation 2013 Cosplay Contest Highlights

Anime Nation 2013 was held on August 10th 2013 here in Jamaica and was a huge success. Fans of anime, Japanese cultures, video games, music and more came out to Anime Nation and had a great time. The cosplay competition was the highlight of the...


New Phone acquired! – Samsung Galaxy S4

Three months ago I replaced my aging and broken HTC Legend with a brand new Samsung Galaxy S4. I loved my HTC Legend but being stuck with Android 2.2 and seeing more and more apps becoming unusable was starting to become a big problem and an...