Monthly Archive: March 2013

Jamaipanese portrait by @Khisayama – Thank You!

A few days ago during my regular perusal of the Twittersphere I happened upon a tweet by my pal  @RYOtheSKYWALKER that showed a cool-looking portrait of himself. I asked about it and he revealed that it was done by portrait painter @Khisayama. I inquired about getting one...


Japan Earthquake 2 Years Later

Two years ago today on March 11th 2011 Japan was rocked by a 9.0 magnitude earthquake. The earthquake plus the resulting tsunami and nuclear problems is collectively known as the Tōhoku Disaster. The disaster affected Japan greatly and the effects were felt globally. When I...


Birthday Celebrations at Japanese Restaurant Cocoro

Ever since learning about Japanese restaurant Cocoro in late 2010 I’ve always wanted to visit. Billed as the best place in Jamaica for high-quality, affordable, authentic Japanese cuisine I had very high hopes. A friend of mine I met at college named Richard is “almost”...