Monthly Archive: January 2013 wins big at Jamaica Blog Awards

Today is a good day for At the 2012 staging of the Jamaica Blog Awards at  South Beach Cafe in Kingston I won a personal achievement award for excellence in blogging. As a longtime blogger being recognized for my work over the years on

More Youtube Channel Updates

Since last October I have been going through the dozens of videos I recorded while in Japan and picking out of few that I seem share-able and have been uploading them to Youtube. Most of the uploads are short clips on average around a minute...


Best of from 2012

2012 is now history but it was a very important year to me personally and as it relates to blogging. Following on from my trip to Japan in September 2011 I took my time to share my experiences via a plethora of blog posts that...


Gaming Log

This page is where I keep a log of all the video games I have been playing and I am looking forward to playing. I do not intend to go into very much detail but instead each update will be like a short log of...