Monthly Archive: July 2012

Anime Nation 2012 set for August 10th

Anime Nation is back for the third year running. Jamaica’s very own anime convention featuring cosplay, live performances, prizes and surprises will be held on August 10th 2012 from 6:30pm to midnight. The new venue this year will be Waterfalls – located at 160 Old...


Japan Snippet – Osaka Skyline from the Floating Garden


One of my few regrets related to my trip to Japan last year was that I didn’t get the opportunity to spend more time in Osaka. Historically the commercial centre of Japan it has been eclipsed in the eyes of many by Tokyo in recent...


Japanese Kana – Google Chrome Extension

I continue to be stuck in my Japanese learning rut. Work, life, procrastination and indiscipline battle my every attept to stick to a Japanese learning and practice schedule which has forced me to trying different ways to retain the little Japanese I know while slowly...