Monthly Archive: April 2012

Tokyo on Foot – Book Review

I have reviewed some great Japan related books over the years but “Tokyo on Foot” may be my favourite Tokyo related book ever. I like this book so much because it is very unique, showcases they artistic skill of the author and offers a genuine...


Japan’s Reggae Affair A Deception? – Jamaica Gleaner

An interesting article entitled “Japan’s Reggae Affair A Deception?” was published in last Sunday’s Jamaica Gleaner that was written by Gleaner writer Mel Cooke. It speaks about the popularity of reggae music in Japan, why it is popular and some of the changes that are affecting...


10 Awesome Anime Villains

I originally wanted to call this post “My 10 favourite anime villains but the list surged way past 10 and I couldn’t shred it down so I chose five that had to make the list and chose another 5 at random then deleted the others....