Monthly Archive: March 2012

Japan Snippet – I have found a Dragon Ball

This post may fly over the head of readers who have never heard of, read or watched the Dragon Ball anime or manga. While shopping in Tokyo I came upon a store that unknowingly had a powerful artifact called a Dragon Ball on display for...


Eating Okonomiyaki in Kyoto


Just about every waking hour of my Japan experience was enjoyable and memorable in some way or another. Even when it became time eat I was still being adventurous almost all the time. I have already covered quite a few of my gastronomical adventures when...


Practical Japanese: No Smoking in Car No 12

Welcome to the third entry in a series I am calling “practical Japanese” where I share a photo or video showing hiragana, katakana or kanji being used in a practical everyday sense. The aim is to expand the vocabulary of fellow Japanese learners so they...