10 Awesome Anime Villains

I originally wanted to call this post “My 10 favourite anime villains but the list surged way past 10 and I couldn’t shred it down so I chose five that had to make the list and chose another 5 at random then deleted the others. Would love to hear via a comment after reading this post who some of your favourite anime villains are.

  • Orochimaru

Not only is Orochimaru awesome, he is disgusting making him awesomely disgusting or disgustingly awesome, however you want to put it. Orochimaru is my favourite villain from the Naruto series and like most villains is plotting to take over the world. Everything about him is unique from his fighting style to his appearance and his selfish nature and fiendish theme music will make the bravest of heroes unsure of themselves.

  • Tessai
One of the coolest villians from the anime classic Ninja Scoll, Tessai is one of those enemies that can be devastating.  One of the “Devils of Kimon” Tessai ranks highest on the violence scale on this list with his massive impenetrable muscular frame and giant throw-able double bladed sword which he happily used to chop anything and everything in half. Need I mention that Tessai is one ugly scary bastard… I’d fight him myself, but that wouldn’t end well…

  • Master Freiza

Frieza is strange one and is one of the main villains in the Dragon Ball Z anime. I grew up watching Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z and Frieza was elitist racist bastard who thought of himself as better that everyone. As a child I wasn’t quite sure if “it” was male or female but I sure get wrapped up in the epicly drawn out battle between Freiza and Goku. Frieza easily wins the highest body count title on the list, blowing up planets and enslaving entire civilizations.

  • Envy
Full Metal Alchemist is one of my favourite manga and anime. Not to be confused the story of the first anime it is actually Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood that follows the story of the manga correctly. I connected with Envy more than any of the other Homunculi. His natural hulking form which has him covered with thousands of dead citizens of an ancient kingdom is quite interesting and his story as a whole is much better than his Homunculi siblings.
  • Aizen

Arrogance is a very important ingredient for all great villains and Aizen might be the most arrogant of them all, he is also a master tactician who proves that bad guys who have both muscle and a brain are ten times more likely to succeed. too bad the story of Bleach is flawed or it may be that the good guys always win but I stopped reading the manga and watching the anime after Master Aizen was defeated.

  • Team Rocket
No explanation necessary, I leave you with their motto in text and video form. “To protect the world from devastation, to unite all peoples within our nation, to denounce the evils of truth and love, to extend our reach to the stars above. Jesse! James! Team Rocket blast off at the speed of light, surrender now or prepare to fight! Meowth that’s right!
  • Mariemaia Khushrenada
Only in a anime, and more specifically the Gundam universe can a 7 year old claim to be the supreme ruler of the universe and start a galactic war. “Marie” as I call her for short is when it all boils down is just a pompous brat in need a good ole-fashioned spanking which she would indeed receive before the end of Mobile Suit Gundam Wing: The Movie – Endless Waltz to the joyous cheers of all audiences.
  • Yami Bakura
I survived a 2 year spell when I was hopelessly addiction the Japanese anime Yu-Gi-Oh! as well as the card game. While I had a expensively acquired machine card based deck with Jinzo being my favourite card when it came to the anime Bakura, more specifically Yami Bakura was my favouite duelist. Very arrogant and and disrespectful of his oponents Yami Bakura was one of the darker characters in the Yu-Gi-Oh! cast and his risky style of dueling was very interesting to watch.
  • Ali Al-Saachez
Not many people enjoyed Gundam 00 but I sure did and in my eyes Ali Al-Saachez was one of the best characters and most skilled pilot in both seasons. A not so lovable villain, Ali enjoys killing everyone and blowing things ups whether as a guerrilla fighter or a leashed maniac released upon unsuspecting innocents by a fictional European superpower.
  • Broly

Looking back now I think I finally understand why Broly was so angry, the poor guy was constipated. Shouting Kakarot! was his way of calling out for help but instead of helping the poor guy his father put a device around his neck to keep him quiet. Broly is awesome just because of the level of pain he dished out to every and anyone in the DBZ universe, one of my most memorable scenes in a Dragon Ball movie was when he thrust his foot down Krillin’s…

Which of the 10 anime villains listed above would you least want to face on the battlefield?

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