Excited to play Civilization VI


I love turn-based strategy games and back in the day I played my fair share of them. One of the most critically acclaimed games in the genre is the Civilization series where the player takes charge of a “Civ” and takes them through the entire...


International Coastal Cleanup Day 2016 Jamaica


International Coastal Cleanup (ICC) Day takes place on the third Saturday in September every year.It is the largest one-day volunteer event in the world. This year it was on Saturday, September 17th and I joined forces with the Jamaica JET Alumni Association to do our...


Jamaica and Japan 1-2 in 4x100m at Rio Olympics


Jamaica has a long history of success at global athletic events. The athletic events during the Olympic Games is the biggest athletic stage. Usain Bolt has already written his name into the history books and the heart of the world with his historic triple-triple with...


Summer Chiru – Photos and Highlights


Summer Chiru is a fun summer event put on by the JaCosplayaz in association with the Japan Embassy in Jamaica. The event highlights Japanese culture and history as well as anime, cosplaying, video games and more. In many ways its the spiritual successor to Anime...


I Can’t stop playing Pokemon Go


Pokemon dropped like a bomb on the iOS and Android app stores recently and the fallout has been far-reaching. It has become a social phenomenon with Pokemon trainers far and wide taking to the streets in droves to catch em all. Although Pokemon Go has...


Summer Chiru event to feature Karaoke, Cosplay and Gaming


Jamaica Cosplayaz and the Embassy of Japan is teaming up again to present a even for all Japan-loving Jamaicans. Summer Chiru will feature Japanese cultural exhibits, karaoke, a video game toutnament cosplay and more. The event is set for the Mona Visitor’s Lodge and Conference...


10 known causes of intense Geekgasms


A “geekgasm” can be best described as a fit of intense geek joy; the play on the word orgasm is obvious. The geeks have truly inherited the earth but what are the greatest causes for intense geekgasms? I have a post today that will help! Giant...


New Phone! Samsung Galaxy S7


I have acquired a new phone after two years of excellent service by my Moto G. The new device a Samsung Galaxy S7 is an awesome phone and after skipping a few iterations of the Samsung Galaxy line (My last Samsung Galaxy being the S4)...